Simplifying Medicare Enrollment for Seniors

November 18, 2015 by Renata J. Maslowski

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What a difference a year can make! True words, especially when it comes to considering Medicare insurance coverage. Insurance plans and medications coverage change each year. For many seniors, navigating the choices and selections can be daunting. At Ingleside Homes, we have social workers who are know the process and can review the options with our residents. Often, there are choices that provide cost savings.

For 2016 Medicare coverage, open enrollment begins in the fall of 2015, from October 15 to December 7. During the open enrollment process, you can switch plans between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage. Within the Medicare Advantage program, you can also switch from one Medicare Advantage plan to another, or from one Medicare Part D (prescription drug) plan to another. If you haven't been enrolled in a Medicare Part D plan when you were first eligible, you can do so during the general open enrollment, although a late enrollment penalty may apply. You should also confirm that your choice of physicians are still available under your current insurance provider, or you might consider switching to another plan that let's you keep your preferred doctors.

If the choices seem overwhelming to you, you are certainly not alone. Major studies show that 90 to 95% of people in Medicare overspend, particularly on medications, by not selecting the plan that gives them the best coverage, according to Katy Votava, president of

Medicare Open Enrollment Overview

"Healthy aging is the development and maintenance of optimal mental, social and
physical well-being and function in older adults. This is most likely to be achieved when
communities are safe, promote health and well-being, and use health services and
community programs to prevent or minimize disease." 

Creating Healthy Communities for an Aging Population ~

The staff at Ingleside Homes is concerned about our senior residents, especially when it comes to ensuring that they have access to the best and the most affordable healthcare options. We recommend that seniors and their family members meet with our social workers to evaluate their Medicare health plan choices. We can discuss what options will save you money and provide the best coverage for your current health conditions. Since we have helped many seniors to review the changes in Medicare coverage, and have access to experts in field, our experience can help simplify the options for our senior residents. 

At Ingleside Homes, we take personal responsibility to ensure that our seniors have access to a healthy environment. Our mission is to build a healthy and safe community for our senior residents. Let us simplify the Medicare Open Enrollment process for you.



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