Is Staying at Home Really the Less Expensive Option?

September 29, 2015 by Renata J. Maslowski


What is the best choice for senior living? Questions arise about living alone versus in a social community, managing home repairs versus paying for tradesmen, receiving meals versus cooking at home, and security versus independence. The choice to move to senior living can be difficult and emotionally charged. For seniors and their loved ones, the decision to stay in place ends up being the default decision, often based on avoidance of health issues or just due to procrastination as well as fear of changing. One key factor that comes up is that the cost of living at home is thought to be cheaper than coming into an independent retirement community or Assisted Living facility.

As with many decisions involving personal finances, it’s always best to do the math on the several options under consideration. Once you figure in the costs of home care, maintenance, groceries, utilities, transportation, taxes and other fees, you may surprise yourself to find that a retirement community or assisted living facility may be a more cost effective option for you.

We recommend that seniors and their family members come in for a tour of our communities, review the paperwork, ask lots of questions, talk to the current residents, visit comparable communities and stay in touch with us while assessing their options. Most senior communities are open to having families explore all their options as they hope to build a long-term relationship with the senior resident and their family and friends. The staff at a senior living community is also very knowledgeable about the resources available for aging healthy and wellness. Don’t be afraid to ask a question, even if it may not be directly related to what that community offers. Ingleside Homes staff builds partnerships with many services that support seniors in a variety of ways – from bathroom modification, transport, social activities, agencies and especially healthcare organizations. If we don’t have an answer immediately, we will research it and obtain the answer for you. Asking for what you need is not a bother, as it is likely to also be a need that would benefit our current residents.

If your final choice for senior living is to join Ingleside Homes, know that we will provide you with safety and security, nutritious meals, access to health care services and transportation, social contact, and a team of individuals dedicated to making your lives more healthy and purposeful. Consider all the options for senior living, do the math for each, and you may find that moving can ultimately be the wisest and least burdensome choice you make. Many have made the choice already and are reaping the benefits. Won’t you join them?




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