Health Benefits of Social Senior Living

March 8, 2016 by Renata J. Maslowski

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Making friends and building a strong social community has been reported to have clear health benefits at any age, but especially for seniors. It can be challenging to keep up with family and friends when they live far away, and when you have physical limitations associated with aging. 

As you age, your social networks may change. Friends or family may not be as close by, or neighbors may move or pass on. Driving long distances or at night may become intimidating. Your energy levels throughout the day may also vary, making it hard to take advantage of social opportunities and avoid becoming isolated and homebound. 

During ordinary moments, you may feel isolated; yet holidays are particularly difficult when many family members and friends may have passed away. As this video portrays, a senior may feel like the man on the moon when he or she does not have access to a strong social circle. 

But aging does not need to be about isolation, loneliness and sadness. One way to quell the concerns of isolation is to consider senior living options that are built with community interactions in mind. Senior Retirement communities, like Ingleside Homes, pride themselves on extensive social activities and a culture of friendship and community.

In our Senior Retirement Apartments, residents live independently, but are offered amenities, activities, and services. Services provided in independent living may include onsite beauty and barber salons, daily meals, and basic housekeeping as well as a robust schedule of entertainment. Daily recreational activities give our seniors the opportunity to connect with peers and participate in community activities, such as arts and crafts, holiday gatherings, continuing education classes, or movie nights.

On site library, community rooms and a large theater as well as Internet access further offer senior residents ways to connect with others. Senior communities also provide group trips to stores, museums and other points of interest. Furthermore, seniors often say that they were pushed into using online computing services to stay in touch with families, especially their young grandchildren. It is evident from search reports on the growth in social networking that the seniors are also getting connected online.

Although aging may place new challenges in the life, you do not have to go it alone and studies continue to find that you should NOT isolate yourself, especially for the sake of your mental health. Loneliness is a separate risk factor for decline in independence and even death. Finding a customized solution that meets your life goals and matches your personality is critical to lifelong health and emotional contentment. 

Exploring your options for senior living and considering a community dedicated to the needs of seniors, such as Ingleside Homes, is a great way to address your very human need to connect with others. Your body, your mind and your new friends will be glad you made that choice!



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