Staff Directory

“Through our Independent living, assisted living, home health care and senior services programs we have helped hundreds of Delaware seniors maintain their quality of life as they grow older in the home of their choice; Ingleside Homes.” ~ Larry Cessna, President and CEO, Annual Report 2014

Phone: 302-575-0250

Larry Cessna
President and CEO   Ext. 2214

Renata J. Maslowski
Marketing and Sales   Ext. 2245
Kim Buiano 
Director of Resident Services   Ext. 2242
Cathy Cessna
Director of Fund Development   Ext. 2235
Laura Oliver
Human Resources Director   Ext. 2232

Carol Rychalsky
Executive Assistant   Ext. 2250
Susan Jonas
Controller   Ext. 2231
Valerie Martin
HUD Bookkeeper   Ext. 2246
Georgia Sutton
Resident Care Director
at Ingleside Independent Retirement Apartments   Ext. 2215
India Hammon
Resident Services Coordinator
at Ingleside Independent Retirement Apartments   Ext. 2261
Denise Arreola-Dominguez
Social Services Coordinator
   Ext. 2260

Barbara A. Flowers
Director of Downs Cultural Center and Activities    Ext. 2244



Assisted Living

 Phone: 302-984-0950

Keith Ropka                                           
at Ingleside Assisted Living                    Ext. 301
Tonya Kenney
Director of Nursing for Assisted Living   


Emily Bolen

Social Activities Director for Assisted Living 

Stacey Burrell

Administrative Assistant for Assisted Living